April 23, 2021

Leadership Series - Marc Jongerius, Co-Founder at Zoku

Leadership Series - Marc Jongerius, Co-Founder at Zoku

Berkeley Capital Group's Managing Director hosts BCG Talks Leadership Series, interviewing global leaders in hospitality to gain insight as to their leadership style and the companies they lead. Part 1: Key Themes. We discuss 3 key themes and critical drivers of their company's success. Part 2: The Leader. How do you describe yourself? What's your leadership style? What traits are key to succeed? What impact do you wish to have and be remembered by? What would you say to your younger self starting out in this industry?

In this episode, Marc Jongerius, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Zoku discusses sustainability, innovation and the firm's journey to B-Corp.

Zoku is a home/office hybrid offering a place to live, work and socialise and named 'one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world' by​ Forbes.

Below Marc's insight on #sustainabilty and becoming a B Corp:

'Sustainability, it's such a buzzword in a way that the content is so important. We have a great challenge ahead of us not to save the earth, but to save ourselves on this earth, and I think hospitality is not the most pretty sector from that perspective. We fly, we take space, we consume and the impact of over-tourism for example gives us loads of improvement potential. So I kept track of a CO2 app and the impact that we have is immense. Everything we do has a footprint. So I believe we should act and organise our business models and targets according to the values we believe in. It's also one of the reasons why Hans Meyer, my co-founder at Zoku, and myself have chosen that Zoku needs to become a B Corp, which is a certificate that shows you that you comply with the highest standards in social, environmental performance and also transparency' - Marc Jongerius

A great listen to understand Marc's drive and how he looks to building a sustainable future and leading the way for other operators to embrace sustainable hospitality and B Corp certification.